(004) While I left news only a couple of years later, I realize now these formative years laid the foundation of storytelling for me that I would carry with me in all I did in my professional life after.

(003) I first discovered my love of storytelling as a young journalist in 2015. I was still in college, working as an intern for a local TV news station and on the student newscast. It was here where I learned about the power of combining video, writing & audio to tell a story. My love of storytelling carried me through and kept me motivated to keep getting better. I attended news video workshops, had multiple internships and was thrown into the fire to figure it out as a young journalist out of college working for a local ABC affiliate.

(002) I am now finishing up my masters in mindfulness studies and am a certified meditation coach. Nurturing this practice while building my business has brought so much wisdom to this journey that I always knew one day I would share with others.

(001) In 2017 I started a blog and moved to Denver where I continued telling stories through video & writing of people I found inspiring. And after a while of working odd jobs and doing video for free, people started paying me for it. I eventually started my business and now four years later, my business is steady, aligned, lucrative but most importantly, deeply fulfilling and meaningful. Around the same time as I began my storytelling journey, I began practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Where I Started

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Tia Lorae. 

*Choose to incorporate mindfulness tools and meditation practices into your mentorship session to help navigate the mental challenges that come with running a creative business.

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Visual storytelling
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001. Photographers looking to learn videography
002. Videographers looking to take their business to the
next level & feel more aligned in their business/art
003. Videographers just starting out
004. Someone picking up a camera for the first time

(For example)

Beginner or intermediate videographers looking to dive
deep into how to tell a story and build a videography business.

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